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Digital day

It is estimated that 750,000 more digitally skilled workers will be needed by 2017 and 200,000 of these will be young people. Digital day explores opportunities available in the digital industry. This year, Year 10 Computer Science students got a visit from three employees at Code Computer Love, a digital product agency. On the day they hosted a workshop outlining the many possible careers available in the industry.


After break, things started to heat up as the national competition was announced. Each group was given a problem and with the technology available in their brief, they had to create a solution to the problem. Things got very competitive as the boys were told only one group would be able to send their solution and be judged alongside many other schools from across the country. Once the prizes were outlined,Thorpe park tickets, Vue cinema tickets and a £500 cash price for the school, everyone wanted to win!


Each group had to pitch their idea to a panel of Mr Morrissey and the people from Code Computer Love: Moj, Deena and Katie. After a tough decision the winning group was announced. To finish off a good day everyone played higher or lower, the game which was made by Code Computer love, and was number one on the app store for 12 weeks.

Everyone really enjoyed the day and many thanks to Code Computer Love for hosting it.



Ismael Khan, 10RSS

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