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Parent Pay

From September 2017, BAfB will be using ParentPay to accept pupil payments.

It’s simple, safe, convenient and your child no longer needs to carry cash into school.

ParentPay is an online payment system for schools. It allows parents to pay quickly and securely for school meals, trips and activities, uniforms, music lessons and fees.

Simply top-up your ParentPay account online by debit or credit card, or in cash through PayPoint stores. 


Step 1 – Have your activation letter ready, once received
Step 2 – Login to www.parentpay.com
Step 3 – Follow instructions to activate your account
Step 4 – Select ‘Pay for items’



Additional Info

Payments can be made online using a secure website called ParentPay, or at local stores where you see the PayPoint logo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I use ParentPay?

• ParentPay removes the need for your child to carry cash.

• You can top-up their dinner money account whenever and wherever you like.

• Children can only spend money in their account in the school canteens.

• You can see exactly what your child is eating.

• You can pay for school trips using ParentPay.

2) Is ParentPay Secure?

ParentPay uses the same online security methods that banks, credit card companies, and

online stores (Amazon, eBay etc.) use to keep your personal details safe.

Never give out password or personal details to callers or in response to unsolicited

emails. ParentPay and Burnage Academy for Boys, like banks and other financial

institutions, will never call or email you for this information.


3) How do I top-up my child’s dinner money account or pay for trips?

1) Pay for all your children in one easy place with the quick add basket! The ‘Overview

tab’ on your home page shows items due for payment across all of your children.

2) Locate the item you’d like to pay for and click on ‘Add to basket’.

3) Edit the ‘Amount’ to pay and provide any ‘Notes’ and ‘Consent’ if appropriate in the

pop-up window.

4) Click ‘Add to basket’ and keep repeating the process until you’re ready to ‘Checkout’.

5) You will have the opportunity to review your purchases, remove any you did not

intend to make or edit those you did before proceeding to make your payment as

normal by clicking ‘Pay securely now’.

6) Providing you have verified your email address a copy of the receipt will be emailed to

your registered email.

7) Parents Payments will normally be available on ParentPay instantly. Meal credits will

be transferred onto our APH cashless system during the day for breakfast, first break

and lunch times’ food purchases.


4) Which payment cards can I use?

The following Payment cards are accepted by ParentPay:

• Visa - Visa branded credit cards

• MasterCard - MasterCard branded credit cards

• Visa Debit - Visa Debit or Visa Delta branded debit cards

• Visa Electron - Visa Electron branded debit cards

• Maestro UK - Maestro (or Switch/Cirrus on the reverse of the card) branded debit

cards (if issued from a UK bank)

• Solo - Solo branded debit cards

• Maestro International - Maestro, Cirrus or Europay branded debit cards issued by any

bank other than a UK bank, or issued by a UK bank from any other country


5) Was my payment successful?

The ‘Recent payments’ area, towards the bottom of your home page, shows the most

recent payments you have made across all your children.

To view more transactions, click on the View payment history button. You’ll be able to

run historical reports across all your children or choose an individual child to view your

payment history for.


6) PayPoint Cards

If you wish to pay cash, please contact school ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

to request the option of paying in cash at local convenience stores displaying the

PayPoint logo.


We will be able to order you a PayPoint card and provide you with a Barcoded letter to

use to top up your account until your PayPoint card arrives. If you have two children at

the school you will need a PayPoint card for each child.

Find your nearest PayPoint store @ https://www.paypoint.com/en-gb/consumers/storelocator


7) How do I merge my accounts?

1) Log in to ParentPay using the login details of one of your children.

2) Click the ‘Add a child’ button at the top right of the screen.

3) Enter the username and password for your other child

4) Click Search

5) The school, pupil name, year group and class will show on screen.

6) Click Add child to your account to confirm this is the child you wish to add to your

account. You can repeat the above process to add more children to your account.

7) You will then be directed back to your home page which will have changed slightly.


8) Where do I go for help?

Please read ParentPay Information for Parents @

https://www.parentpay.com/parents/what-parentpay-does , with more detailed

instructions and screenshots. We recommend that you read this document to make the

most of your ParentPay account.


Staff at Burnage Academy for Boys cannot see your credit card details, or help you to make payments.

At Burnage Academy for Boys, we can do the following:

• Amend your details, including your email address

• Reset your password (we cannot see your current password)

• Check your current and previous account balance

• Check what payments you have made to your child’s account

• Check what your child has bought


For help with any of the above, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your query; we aim to answer queries as soon as possible.

Due to the large number of parents using the system, we may not be able to offer telephone support for ParentPay.

We will endeavour to respond as quickly as practical to queries sent to the email address above.



Useful Links:



To see our range of food and drink options for 2017/18 see https://www.burnage.manchester.sch.uk/index.php/parents/parentpay/menu-options 


Access this URL (https://www.burnage.manchester.sch.uk/attachments/article/388/BAfB%20Updated%20Menu%20Board.pdf)BAfB Menu Options 2017/18[ ]101 Kb
Access this URL (https://www.burnage.manchester.sch.uk/attachments/article/387/BAfB_PayPoint-guidance.pdf)BAfB ParentPay Information[ ]77 Kb
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