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School Governors

The Governors have a wide range of responsibilities for the School, including its overall values, the School Development Plan, the budget and staff appointments. They work closely with the Headteacher and Staff and maintain regular links with all the main departments and areas of School life.

Their formal meetings include a Building Committee, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee and the Full Governors' Business Meeting which is held once a term.

Apart from occasional confidential items, the Main Business Meeting is open for parents to attend as observers. However, it would be helpful if parents wishing to attend the Main Governors' Meeting would inform the Clerk to the Governors beforehand so that additional seating can be provided.

Our Ethos

As Governors we try to value all our members equally, regardless of gender, colour, creed, ability, class, age or status. This is a hard policy to put into practice. We recognise that in preaching tolerance, understanding and respect, we ourselves risk being intolerant to people whose views differ from our own. Every member of our community will have his or her own views which are bound to some extent to be prejudiced.

What we ask is that members of the Academy try to act in such ways that do not diminish, hurt or damage others with differing or even opposite views. We hope that members of the Academy would give each other sufficient time and space so that they may learn something from each other. We hope also that they find a common bond in a sense of shared humanity, shared human needs and shared aspirations and hopes as members of Burnage Academy For Boys.

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