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BAfB Year 7 Catch-Up Premium 2015-16

We identified 56 pupils who were eligible for the catch-up premium in the academic year 2014-15.




The cohort was made up from:

Literacy ONLY

9 pupils

Numeracy ONLY

8 pupils

BOTH literacy and numeracy

39 pupils


The projected amount of funding for 2015 – 16 was £28,000


Impact of Spending 2015 – 16

We have measured the progress of all students at the end of each half term. Our analysis indicates that the impact of the catch-up funding for those pupils who were taught throughout  Y7 is positive.


Progress made in Numeracy (%)

Above Expected Progress for Y7


Expected Progress for Y7



Progress made in Literacy(%)

Above Expected Progress for Y7


Expected Progress for Y7




Y7 Catch Up Premium  2016 / 2017

From the October census, 39 students are eligible for the Catch Up Funding in Literacy and Maths 


For more information on how BAfB spends Year 7 Catch Up premiums and to see awards for other years, please see our Year 7 Catch-Up Premium section.

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