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Assessment and Examination

During the first three years in the school students are assessed in a number of ways. On entry to the school we will have a record of Key Stage 2 assessments in Mathematics, English and Science from the primary school.

1 Early in the first term we will administer a set of MidYIS tests to each student. These tests and results are used to help us to diagnose the best type of learning programme for each student in the school.

2 Each subject department will also assess students regularly and the results will be reported to parents. Parents receive a report each year which include the assessments made in each subject and comments from subject teachers, the Form Tutor and the Head of House.

3 Each term there will be a Monitoring Report which is designed to give parents an overall view of progress across the range of subjects and activities. Over the course of a year the Monitoring Reports will provide grades for Effort, Homework, Behaviour, Contribution to the class, and Attainment. During the school year there is the more extensive School Report. The School Report will include a detailed written account of the progress of the student in each of his subjects throughout the year. There will also be a detailed report from the Form Teacher and the Head of House.

In Key Stage 4 students follow examination courses leading to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The methods of assessment used in these courses are those laid down by the Examination Boards.

During Year 11, students are given practise in sitting for ‘Trial’ examinations which are similar to the ones they will take in their final term. Burnage Academy for Boys aims to improve consistently the success of students in public examinations and in the achievements of our students.

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