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School Meals

All students are able to have lunch in the school cafeteria if they wish. A range of menus is provided. Halal meat is provided for Muslim students and Vegetarian dishes for those who prefer them. There is a 'Snack Bar' in the Canteen.

Provision is made for students to eat a packed lunch which they have brought from home. There is also a Fast Food bar. The school operates a healthy eating policy and sells bottled waters rather than carbonated soft drinks. We have a policy of keeping all our students on the school site at lunchtime, which we enforce vigorously.

Parents may apply for free school meals for their children. Details of this and other benefits are available from the school and from the Manchester Benefits Service (tel: 0161 834 0444) and the Manchester City Council Education Department (tel: 0161 2345000)


In 8th September 2004 we introduced the 'Burnage dining card' within our meal service. The system is controlled by the latest technology and will avoid the need to have cash. Each pupil is provided with a plastic card. When presented in the school dining hall, the card allows the pupil to purchase food without presenting cash. It can also be used to borrow books from the school library.

Each pupil has an individual account that will be kept in credit by the parent's guardian. At no time is any monetary value stored on the card itself. If a card is lost or stolen, any value will be transferred onto a replacement card.

Students on free meal entitlement will also be issued with a card. The value of their meal will go on to the card each day. This will prevent any possible discrimination. Free meal cards can also have money added.

The benefits to parents are:

  • The system will make information more accessible to them.
  • The burden of finding change each day is removed.
  • Balance statements and descriptions of food purchased are available on request.
  • Weekly reports are available if requested.
  • Money in the pupil account can only be spent in the school dining hall.
  • There is less chance of money being lost.


NB: It is important that students have their cards with them every day. In the event of a card being lost, a replacement car will have to be paid for by the parent/guardian.

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